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I decided to do some of those free online CEFR tests for FSP (French/Spanish/Portuguese) to see if my levels had progressed.  Before I tell you my results, a disclaimer about these types of tests:

They tend to be almost exclusively focused on reading comprehension. For F/S I used www.languagelevel.com, and they seemed to incorporate grammar and syntax comprehension. Or rather, the options for answers included other parts of speech besides verb conjugations. For P I used www.brooklynschooloflanguages.com, and they had a lot more questions, but all the choices were verb conjugations. Though I suppose overall syntax knowledge was still tested.

So with the disclaimer aside, I have good news. My French level is B2, and my levels in Portuguese and Spanish are both B1! My French level being B2 is not a big surprise. The last time I did one of these tests for French, I got conflicting results (B2, then B1) so I knew I was maybe on the boundary of the two. This time though, I’m definitely in the upper intermediate range. But for Portuguese and Spanish, my previous levels I estimated to be in the A1 range. So I thought at most I would get A2, and did not expect B1! So yay!