I’m sitting here writing this in a McDonald’s after quite the productive day of language study.

Last week was rough as I decided to pursue my heart. But after I posted last week’s installment of My language journey I received quite a bit of support.

So I decided to create a study schedule of sorts. And I am so happy that I followed it quite well today! It’s not a difficult schedule as I’m the type to run from strict schedules. I basically break the day up into two big chunks of language study time.

I’ve also finished my list of languages I want to learn. My goal isn’t fluency in any particular language. Of course I’m sure I will eventually reach that in a few of them, and that is a long-term desire. But this time is for me to develop my language abilities. To develop my basic understanding and awareness of different languages from around the world. To have a base in many languages.

The more I think about it, the more the idea of using my people skills and linguistic abilities in a social justice and/or humanitarian aid manner makes me happy. It feels like I finally found my place, where I fit in life.

So to this end, and since there is no specific area of the world that interests me the most, I want to have a base in various languages.

On a separate note, the last few articles have been a lot about my journey to figure out where I’m going with my languages. Now the path is more clear, I want to get back to articles talking about language learning in general. I’ve been inspired by my friend Meera to write posts on specific languages. I also want to do a few more linguistics lessons. So look for those in the coming weeks.