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This past week I didn’t do much language study again. I had my Spanish class last week Monday, which I believe I mentioned in last week’s MLJ update. Apart from that, I mostly used French, Spanish, or Portuguese whenever I could with friends via text, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hangouts, or Skype.

I did have an interesting situation happen to me yesterday (Sunday). I was at lunch with a friend and at one point a group sat down beside us, and started speaking Portuguese. I’m pretty sure they were Brazilians, though I couldn’t tell from which part. It was interesting for me because the language nerd in me wanted to eavesdrop and try to see what I could understand. But I was at lunch with my friend! I must admit that on a few occasions, while my friend was chatting with me, I paid more attention to this Brazilian group, trying to understand what they were saying. Which of course resulted in me having to ask my friend to repeat herself. In the end I forced myself to pay attention to my friend.

However, then the same thing happened a few minutes later. The group left but a Spanish speaking couple sat down on the other side of us! I really wished my Portuguese and Spanish were much better for me to have been able to converse with them. Then again, I was out to lunch with my friend, so it’s for the best I wasn’t able to do that.

I started watching a movie on Netflix that has French audio. I’m not sure if the movie is a French movie; I think it might be a British production. The movie is based off another movie by the same name that (I think) is in German. In either case, on Netflix, they have this movie in English and French with English CC subs (English closed caption subtitles). I watched most of it in French with English subs, and then stopped to go to bed. It was quite beneficial for me to use French audio with English subs because I could better pick out French words I know, but in the past have struggled to understand when spoken at the normal pace of speech.

I’ve been giving some thought to how to proceed with my language studies. I want to get back to the way I was doing things before I started this one-day-a-week job. I stress the one-day-a-week because even though it’s only one day, for the past 3 weeks that I’ve been at it, I feel like the adjustment to it has been affecting my language studies. In reality it probably has been, but there have also probably been other factors into why I’ve been finding myself hesitant to study the way I was before. At any rate, in terms of how to proceed, I’ve been considering two options.

One is to focus solely on French, Spanish, and Portuguese for the rest of the year. If I do this, I would probably pick one resource for each language – be it a book or an online resource – and work hard to finish it in the 2 months we have left.

The other is to open up my plate and add on more languages. Do something similar to what I did back in August 2014, when I started 20 languages. I might do so many this time. If I did this, I think the best way to work it would be to give myself a certain amount of time each day/week to study each language. And during that time, I could work through a resource, do multiple things, etc.

I’m torn mostly because I want to both improve my French/Portuguese/Spanish, and I know by focusing on them I could improve them quicker than if I did them along with a bunch of other language, and start learning or at least learning about a slew of languages.