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This past week I didn’t do too much language study. I recently started a new job and also worked all weekend on a temporary job, from Friday to Monday. This is why I didn’t post anything yesterday.

As I sit here typing this, I’m trying to think of what to say. I’m quite tired and I guess I’m having a hard time thinking of what to write.

I did order Teach Yourself Complete Swedish which I’m excited for. I need to revisit how I’m studying as lately my studies have been going really slowly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but part of the reason for that is lack of focus.

I may have mentioned before, but over the summer I had weekly goals for each language. Then I switched them to goals without a due date. And since the switch I’ve been progressing really slowly.

I also have found that my spoken French level has gone down. Or at least, I have lost confidence in my speaking abilities. My overall French knowledge keeps improving. But I need to speak more and not be afraid of making mistakes again, or being corrected.

Last week I started taking Spanish classes. I’m in the beginner 2 class, but the teacher thinks I could go into the intermediate class. I’m going to try the intermediate class and see how it is. It does feel good to get back into Spanish.

I think I’ll end for now. Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to keep progressing in my language studies while juggling other things in my life.