So as I mentioned in my last post, I want to start a series where I post every Monday on my own language journey.

I’ve shared in the past about how I got into language learning, and what languages I’ve worked on.

So right now I’m focusing on French, Tamil, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Swedish. And I have been slowly learning the alphabets for Albanian and Korean.

It’s a challenge to juggle multiple languages. There are some days where I would like to stick with just one language. This especially happens when I see someone advance quickly in one language because they focused solely on that one. But then I think of how much I love learning multiple languages, how each language is unique and has its joys and challenges. It’s analogous to having several friendships. Each person is unique, and so is your relationship with them. Yet most of us like having multiple friends and spend time building a relationship with each.

I’ve come across quite a few polyglots who recommend to study only one or two languages at a time, until you are either fluent or advanced. And there is logic to their suggestion. But one thing a fellow language learner reminded me is that your learning style depends on you as a person. There are some people who, by personality, thrive on juggling multiple things – interests, projects, goals, etc. – and for those people, if they like languages, it makes sense they will want to learn several languages at the same time.

The key, I think, for those people, of which I am one, is to not get discouraged or compare themselves to others who seem to be ahead in one language because their approach is to only learn the one.

If you’re someone who likes learning languages, what style of learner are you? Do you need to concentrate on only one or two languages at a time? Or do you need to juggle several concurrently? And if languages isn’t your thing, what is? And within that interest do you juggle or stick to one thing at a time?