I got a part-time job! I’ll be working every Tuesday, doing IT and Database Support for a small non-profit.

So because of this I’m moving the Linguistics Lessons series to Thursdays. This gives me time to start the next post on Wednesdays and I then still have 2 days to complete the lesson.

I also want to start a new weekly series on Mondays, called My Language Journey. I will share how my own language journey is progressing, how it has progressed, and maybe where I hope to go. Part of my hope is that through sharing every week, this will help keep me accountable to do some study every week. If I don’t do much in a week, I won’t have much to post on.

And lastly I was inspired by a blog I follow with the idea of having guest authors. I’ve already invited a friend of mine, who is a polyglot herself and a big language enthusiast. This way you can get other perspectives besides my own on languages and language learning, and on linguistic things.