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I figure it’s time for an update on which languages I’m studying. Currently I’m doing 8 languages, 6 regularly and 2 casually.

The 6 regular ones are:

In those I try to create goals to work through specific resources for them. I used to use weekly goals back in the summer, when I was only doing 5 languages. But now I just have a goal to, for example, work through the next chapter of a book I’m using. The benefit to this is that if I’m unable to do some language study in a particular week, it’s alright. The downside is that I have to be on top of myself to keep studying since there are no due dates.

The 2 languages I’m casually doing are:

Now with Korean I’m only working on the alphabet. After that I’ll decide whether to continue with it or not. And with Albanian, so far, I’m stuck on the alphabet as well. The alphabet is pretty easy, but I just haven’t put the time or effort into progressing past it.

I recently also started doing Indonesian, but I only looked at one greeting and its response. And if you recall from my last update, I was doing Hungarian. For now I’ve stopped it, but may restart it soon.

A big struggle of mine is that I love all languages. There’s really a language I come across that I don’t say “I want to learn that! Maybe not now, but eventually.” But then finding the time to juggle so many is difficult.

Still despite these difficulties I find it so much fun to learn new languages. Especially to start a new language. For me, a language is, among other things, a way to get to know a culture.