This blogger liked my recent post, so I decided to check out their blog. I came across this post and definitely needed the reminder and encouragement to give my all to my passion – learning languages. I hope you find this just as encouraging.

Maxed Out Muscles

No matter what you’re doing with your life right now, give it your all! That may sound cliche but if you never go all in you may never find out how far you can go with something, or how truly incredible your accomplishments are.

Along the way, you may learn that achieving your goals requires you to become more committed. You may learn that you have to become the type of person who has to commit, and finish what he/she starts, and take the ridicule and torment others try to drive your way and use it for fuel. You may need to learn to be strong, independent, self-accountable, and determine.

Whatever your end result is, if you learn something and become a better person through the experience then you are truly gaining something in life. That may just be my opinion but it’s the truth.

I have a challenge for…

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