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I’m reminded of the Staind song It’s Been Awhile.

But it has been about 2 months since my last update. Perhaps that’s the pace I will always post at – every few months or so. I might as well accept it instead of trying to post more frequently.

Anyway, onto what I’ve been doing with myself linguistically. Basically I’ve gone back to studying multiple languages simultaneously. Right now I’m doing French, Swedish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, (Latin American) Spanish, (Sri Lankan) Tamil, and Japanese. The brackets mean that I’m trying to focus on a particular dialect/regional variation. But this is often difficult, especially if it’s not the standardised or main dialect (ie, the one that most people know about and second language learners typically learn).

For example, with French I’ve generally focused on France (Parisian) French, even though I live in Canada :D. So also with Portuguese, I’ve tried to focus on Brazilian Portuguese. With Spanish, Latin American, even though that encompasses many countries. The reason for this is that there are still more similarities between them that differentiate them as a collective from European Spanish. And then finally with Tamil, Sri Lankan Tamil.

But the truth is that nowadays I’m learning all the major dialects. So for example, with French I’m starting to learn Quebec preferences in vocabulary and get used to the way Quebecers pronounce French. (And yes I realize there is not just one accent in Quebec, but I’m trying to get used to all of them). I’m doing the same with Portuguese, Spanish, and Tamil. I guess I’m more so doing this with French, Portuguese, and Tamil, and less with Spanish. But I will do this with Spanish as well.

I’m currently trying to work out a good method for studying all those languages every week. Up until a few weeks ago I was doing some French and Swedish daily and then had a weekly goal for the others (which was only Portuguese, Spanish, and Tamil, since I hadn’t restarted Japanese yet). Last week I tried doing a little bit each day of all 5 languages and kept Japanese to a weekly goal. It was quite tough! And many days it became more a chore than an enjoyment. Now this might be part and parcel of learning a language, but I’m debating about trying another method this week.

I also am slowly adding in other languages to my list. And overall I’m spending more and more of my time pursuing my linguistic and language interests. I feel like this is who I am now, and who I want to continue to be: an amateur linguist and language enthusiast. And I find that this area of interest is taking more and more priority over other areas of interest, such as music and the creative arts.

I’m going to stop this update here; it’s 12:33 am right now, and I want to go to bed. But I will make more of an effort to write on here; especially to start sharing some of the linguistic and language related things I learn. I doubt I will post language lessons on here as I have no desire to teach a language using a blog format. But I might post the odd mini-lesson to illustrate a point, or to just share something really interesting I recently learned.