It’s been a while since I wrote a post. To be honest, I completely forgot about my blog! So I figure it’s time for a quick update about me.

Most of this past year I’ve been focusing on taking care of some health problems. As such I had to stop the various language exchange and Meetup events I was attending. I also stopped almost all of my language studies.

At the beginning of this year, I had decided to stop studying 20 languages, and focus on only 4 – French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tamil. Even though I’ve written in previous posts about how I juggled 20 languages by learning a bit at a time, I found that I wasn’t progressing in any one language as much as I would’ve liked. Add to that my laziness, procrastination, and lack of self-discipline, and 20 languages was a recipe for constant frustration. So I thought 4 would be doable.

Since about mid-February I needed to focus on my health, which as I mentioned meant I had to stop almost all my active studying. I was able to maintain mostly my French, and to a lesser degree my Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, and Japanese. (For Tamil and Japanese, I really only maintained the numerals when exercising, so I may have forgotten a lot of other vocabulary.)

Recently I started actively learning French again. I’m still holding off on any other language, except for the occasional use and learning a new word once in a blue moon. My health is better, but I’m learning to juggle maintaining good health and the other aspects of my life. I’m also trying to develop my self-discipline and work on my laziness. So all of these things combined mean I will probably continue to focus mostly on French for a while.

On a positive note, my French has definitely improved, especially my reading skills. I want to work on my listening skills next. I do find that perhaps half of the time, when I read or hear something in French, I understand it directly. The other half I’m translating in my head. That’s definitely an improvement! So you should see more posts in French soon.