I’ve decided to stop the #100Days challenge. Over the past week to two weeks I have been focusing quite a bit on French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, with some Italian and Japanese added in. I have been using various language exchange Meetups and the site Duolingo to practice and study these six. I also started the #100Days challenge as a way to focus even more on French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

However, as a result of this concentration, the other 14 languages I am learning have been neglected. I have been trying to practice them when I can. In essence though, I have only been maintaining the little bit that I already know, which consists of basic greetings for most of the 14. I find that even those basic greetings I am starting to forget. This makes sense since 12 of the languages I only started learning in August.

So I am going to change my learning style. I think I will use an ordered list, which was what I used in August. I will try and study one hour per language per day.

I will continue to use Meetups, sites such as Duolingo, and other resources to practice all of my languages. Yet, for me, those are extraneous to the actual study time. Thus I will no longer mostly focus on any one language in terms of studying.

It is in light of this change in study habits that I will be stopping the #100Days challenge.