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A fellow blogger and, as it turns out, Unilanger (the denonym for a member of UniLang) who recently started following my blog invited me to take the #100DaysofLanguageLearning challenge. The challenge may be named differently, but that is the name I’ve chosen to call it.

What is this #100Days challenge? In a nutshell, it is a way to practice, and hopefully improve, a language that you are learning. You are required to write something in your target language every day for 100 days. Of course, the idea is that what you write will increase in complexity as the challenge wears on. For example, you might start with a basic sentence on the first day, and progress to a full paragraph by the end.

Where do you write these sentences or paragraphs? From what I understand, any where you want. If you want correction, then you might need to utilize a forum, a blog, or a social media platform. Alternately, if you prefer to use a personal diary, you could show a native speaker the daily entry.

At any rate, I want to take this challenge. While I have several options for where I could post each day’s entry, I am going to use this blog. Since I am studying several languages concurrently, I will do this challenge for three languages – the three I am most comfortable in, after English of course. Those would be French, Spanish, and Portuguese.