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Today is the European Day of Languages. What is the EDL? It’s a day to celebrate language diversity. As the name implies, the day is a European creation. However, here in Toronto, Canada, the EDL is also celebrated.

You can read more about it here. I first learned about the EDL last year. However I wasn’t able to attend. This year, though, I definitely plan to attend!

The main part of the EDL activites consists of free language classes. The classes are only 25 minutes in length, which gives enough time, I assume, to learn the alphabet and basic greetings. There are 5 time slots with several classes running in each time slot. There will be a total of 16 classes, although only a maximum of 5 classes may be taken.

There will also be a concert after the last time slot. Lastly, there will be something called “Speak Dating”. From the description on the website it seems that this event will run like a speed dating function, but with the idea that you practice a language as opposed to what one normally does on a speed date!

I am very excited for tonight! I plan to solely attend the language classes, since naturally those are of more interest to me. I hope to take the following classes: Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, Italian, and Lithuanian. Now, Finnish and Lithuanian will be new for me. However, they are languages I would like to start learning some day.

I will write in a future post how the night went and my thoughts on the EDL.