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I read through my previous posts on here and learned a few things. Firstly, it is interesting to read the things I wrote about in the past: to see my writing style, my thoughts, who I was. I suppose this is one thing that all those who express themselves in a creative manner (be it as an amateur or professional) have the ability to do. They can read through their expressions from the past and get a sense of how they have evolved as a person.

Secondly, I learned that despite my best efforts to use and maintain a formal standard of writing and style, when I’m distracted, things slip past my attention. While going through my previous posts, I edited several grammar and vocabulary mistakes. I also play around with the style of the posts, in an effort to make each post and page look more consistent.

As I’m making plans for this blog, there is so much I want to write! I’ve always been a good interlocutor (sorry, I couldn’t resist using a high-flown word!) even though I didn’t always express myself through writing. However, reading through previous posts highlighted to me how I apparently seem to structure sentences, and my usual choice of vocabulary. To be honest, sometimes I had to read a sentence twice or thrice to follow the logic! Not because the sentence didn’t make sense, but because a formal style of English isn’t found much nowadays.

I hope to continue to write on here regularly. I know I’ve written that before, but things are different this time. When I wrote Update, blogging was one several hobbies I employed to keep my head above water while I struggled with health issues. As I have written before, even with my interest in languages, while I started pursuing it about 3 years ago, I would start and stop my learning due, again, to health.

For the past 2-3 months especially, and 4-6 months at a greater time frame, I have been able to focus much more consistently on my interests, and on moving forward in life with goals and dreams. For the past month I have been spending about 2+ hours every weekday studying languages.

I am finding that as I pursue language studies more and more, and as I give greater priority to it in my life, other areas of interest and desire are falling away. Sometimes I feel that all I want to be is someone who is obsessed with languages.

So it is with all of this recent change that I hope to continue to write on here regularly. I want to incorporate this (and hopefully another) blog into the broad category of “Language Learning”; a category that is slowly taking over more and more of my life. Of course I am extremely happy that this takeover is happening!