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I’m hoping to revive this blog, Language is Life. If you follow my other blog, Musings Along the Way, you may have seen my latest post. I am closing my other blog as I am in a place where that blog is no longer needed.

However, I am also in a place where I would like to revive this blog. Lately I have been pursuing my passion for languages and linguistics more seriously. As such, I want to turn this blog into more of a place where I discuss things related to languages, and sometimes linguistics. I will probably invariably write about my own language journey. In addition, I may write about general language acquisition, or basic linguistic concepts from the point of view of an amateur linguist.

I believe when I started this blog I had planned to write things related to English teaching. I no longer plan to do that. I still have my qualifications in English teaching. But I am putting that area of work on hold for now. Due to my recent path in life (which you can read more about in my other blog), I been away from the workforce for a while. Right now I am trying to get back into it. And I know it will be easier if I do not focus on building a career in any one work area, but focus on finding some work I can do for the purpose of getting back into the workforce.

In addition, my mind and heart are torn on an area of work for career purposes. I enjoy teaching, including teaching English (and other languages). But I also had a dream as a child to become a linguist. I have also had thoughts about becoming a translator, in particular for global organizations like the UN. (Alternately, I’ve dreamed about working for organizations like the RCMP or CSIS, which are Canada’s equivalents of the FBI and CIA respectively.)

So I think at this point I want to focus on my language passion from the point of view of a hobbyist.