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I haven’t posted on here in a few weeks. I apologize for that; I’ve been busy moving and working through my health struggles.

However when I started this blog I had the idea to post on a regular basis, and had settled on every Monday. I even have a weekly reminder in my Google Tasks!

I’m going to try and hold to that goal. But I think in order to do so I’m going to change the scope of the content I will write about.

This blog is about language. Language, linguistics, and language learning. Initially I was mainly going to post on topics that would be of use to others. That is, make this mostly a content service blog, as opposed to a personal blog. I say mostly and mainly because I knew I wanted to include the odd post about my personal language acquisition journey.

Now I want, and I think even need, to write mixed content – posts about my personal multilingual journey and language/linguistic posts that are solely for the benefit of others. So a mixed personal and content service blog.

I write need because I’m not in a position to maintain a purely content service blog. I’m not a journalist nor writer by training. I’m not being paid to do this blog. This isn’t my job. This is my hobby. A creative outlet for me.

Thus from now on I will try to stick to my goal of posting once a week. And I will do this by giving myself more freedom on what to write.

PS. When I wrote ‘content service blog’ what I meant was a blog where the content was created specifically to fill a service. For example, posts about English learning resources, or linguistic analyses, or language lessons.