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A little explanation is, perhaps, in order. An explanation of what? I want to explain in this, my first post, how this blog came about. For anyone who is coming here from my personal blog Musings Along the Way, I want to share why I felt the need to create a new blog. After all, MAtW has as its tagline, “One man’s journey through life”. And it was supposed to be a blog where I could write whatever took my fancy. A way to share me, DH, with you, the reader. Which, can include posts on linguistics and things to do with language, since that is a part of me.

Yet I struggled internally whenever I created a post at MAtW about my language learning hobby. (And as far as I can remember, I have not posted anything related to linguistics). I struggled because I like to compartmentalize things in my life. I also struggled because a lot of my posts at MAtW spoke of my journey with subjects of a very intimate and personal nature. So in my mind I could not see how the two could coexist in one blog – posts about intimate and personal subjects, and posts about a big area of interest and aptitude for me. In my mind, I felt that the two differing types of posts were at odds with each other, and I didn’t feel at peace until I could somehow separate them.

Simultaneously, while struggling with this lack of peace, I also found that my natural interest and aptitude in the area of language and linguistics was growing. Not only was I more seriously pursuing my language learning, but I was meeting more regularly with various language exchange partners and other people who are or strive to be multilingual. I was borrowing books from my local library related to linguistics. I was reading more online articles about languages and linguistics.

One a side note, or perhaps as a bit of backstory, I’ve always had an interest in languages and linguistics. When I was in university, I started teaching myself about linguistics. I took a course as well, but I remember having learned much about the basics of linguistics on my own before the course. In fact, a fair amount of the course was material I had already learned.

And before university, in high school and primary school, I was good at English and French. I live in Canada, and in English Canada you have to learn French for a minimum of 6 years. I enjoyed learning French so much that I continued it past the minimum 6 years until the end of high school. I also started teaching myself Tamil, the language of my homeland, in grade 10.

Yet I never took the area of language and linguistics seriously. That is, I never considered it as an area I wanted to actively, seriously pursue. I always held it at bay as an area of interest and hobby. But never as a priority. Not until I had actively pursued two other big areas of interest and aptitude for me – computers and IT, and music and the creative arts.

So coming back to the present, in my own personal journey of growth, this area of language and linguistics is now becoming a priority in my life.

Add to this growing priority the lack of peace I already mentioned and the need to compartmentalize, and voilà, we have this blog. Actually, I initially thought of using my Youtube channel to create Youtube videos on language and linguistics, but then decided not to since I would need to learn about video creation, etc. Plus, I’m a writer. I like writing, and it is a strength of mine.

So there you have it, my reader: the origin story of Language Is Life. Perhaps in another post I will write on why I titled this blog the way I did.

I want to add that since this is a blog about my interest in linguistics and languages, and since I do consider myself able to discourse quite well, I will certainly be using this blog as a chance to let my inner English language snob out! I will try to refrain from using high-flown vocabulary and grammar structures just for the sake of appearing elitist. But the fact is that I don’t get to use words like “elitist” and “discourse” that often. And I think that a blog about language and linguistics is the perfect place to stretch my knowledge of my native tongue, English. Perhaps you will learn a word or two in the process. I can assure you that since I am trying to “upgrade” my literary speech, I am going to be using the dictionary and reviewing my posts before I publish them.